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Dzanga Sangha (CAR)

The Dzangha Sangha Special Reserve is a protected reserve in southwestern Central African Republic established in 1990 and covers 6865.54km2. Within this reserve lies Dzanga Bai, also known as the “village of elephants”, which is a large clearing in the rainforest where between 50 and 150 forest elephants gather everyday to drink at mineral-rich springs.

This area is extremely important for the future survival of the forest elephant and provides visitors and researchers with a window into the normally secretive African forest elephant.

Although Dzanga-Sangha has armed eco-guards, poachers have continued to decimate this crucial forest elephant population. In 2013 at least 26 forest elephants were killed in a matter of days and conservationists in the area have been regularly looted. Recent research has confirmed that up to two-thirds of the forest elephants have been killed in the last decade.

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