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What we do

The AFEF is working to induce an international shift in elephant conservation that highlights the fast decline toward extinction of forest elephants in Central Africa and aims to preserve their place, along with that of their forest habitat, into the future. From grassroots and community-based projects and anti-poaching initiatives around forest elephant habitat in the Congo Basin, to campaigning for the cause of forest elephant conservation at an international level, join us to secure a future for Africa’s forest elephants and their natural habitat.


Education & Awareness

If the world is to unite to ensure that Africa’s forest elephants survive into the future, it is essential that the public knows all about forest elephants, their decline, their crucially important ecological role and the fundamental importance of their habitat. Forest elephants are racing towards extinction as long as elephant conservation focuses only on their savannah cousins. Forest elephants will only survive if the whole world knows about them and how wonderfully integral they are to the global ecosystems upon which we all depend to survive and thrive.

AFEF aims to be a comprehensive resource for all to learn about forest elephants and the forest habitat in which they live. We aim to bring the cause of forest elephant conservation to the forefront of public environmental knowledge and fulfil our mission to secure a future for these wonderful animals.


Boots on the Ground

The main objective of our 'Boots on the Ground' project was to equip the rangers of Ziama in Guinea (West Africa) with high quality equipment to ensure that they are able to conduct their daily duties safely and effectively, thus ensuring the protection of Ziama’s last forest elephants, as well as their habitat.

The African Forest Elephant Foundation successfully delivered boots, socks, backpacks and solar rechargeable flashlights to a group of 30 rangers protecting Guinea’s last forest elephants.



AFEF is working with academics and conservationists at the forefront of research into African forest elephants and the ecology of the equatorial forest habitat of Central Africa. We must ensure that zoological science knows more about the unique forest elephant, so that management of both the elephants and the forest is directed in a way which will ensure their survival.


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Help Forest Elephants Today

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