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Our Team

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The African Forest Elephant Foundation (“AFEF”) was founded by Callum Gerrish and Christian Triay in 2016 in response to the unprecedented, and largely unreported, decline of the African forest elephants of Central Africa. Based in London and Cape Town, AFEF is working to induce an international shift in elephant conservation that highlights the fast decline toward extinction of forest elephants in Central Africa and aims to preserve their place, along with that of their forest habitat, into the future.


From grassroots and community-based projects and anti-poaching initiatives around forest elephant habitat in the Congo Basin, to campaigning for the cause of forest elephant conservation at an international level, join us to secure a future for Africa’s forest elephants and their natural habitat.

AFEF’s mission is to secure the survival of African forest elephants and the Central African forest habitat in which they survive, into the future. To achieve our mission, AFEF will be operating in the following areas.

Our Partners

The AFEF works in western and central Africa to protect and preserve the magnificent African Forest Elephants. We could not do this without our fantastic conservation partners and sponsors.

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Help Forest Elephants Today

Forest elephants need our help. Find out how you can make a difference.

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