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World Elephant Day 2023

August 2023

A time to celebrate elephants, this global movement offers a way to share and collaborate on conservation solutions to protect elephants and their habitats.

Since its founding in 2012 by Patricia Sims and the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation of Thailand along with over 100 elephant conservation organizations worldwide, World Elephant Day has reached millions of people worldwide, who love and want to support and protect elephants.

World Elephant Day is dedicated to raising awareness about the critical issues faced by elephants and the fight for their protection and conservation. It highlights the challenges wild elephants experience; habitat loss, poaching for ivory, human-elephant conflicts, and the need for better conservation efforts.

The African Forest Elephant Foundation (AFEF) supports this important day every year, in an effort to raise awareness of the lesser known and critically endangered African forest elephant. It is a crucial day also, to recognise the tremendous efforts and risks taken everyday to protect these impressive animals from poachers in the wild. The AFEF's work actively supports Rangers through the 'Boots on the Ground' campaign, providing vital equipment and resources to ensure the success of these important patrols.

It is estimated that, every day, 100 African elephants are killed by poachers. The demand for ivory in African and Asian markets has led to the slaughter of thousands of elephants.

This World Elephant Day the AFEF is running a 'Move for Elephants' campaign to raise funds for projects protecting the African forest elephant and its habitat. So get your boots on and get moving!

Visit our page here and get involved. Keep up to date on our social media channels throughout the month.

Climate heros

Did you know? It is estimated that each forest elephant is responsible for a carbon capture potential of around $1.75 million (possibly up to $5 million at today's carbon credit value!). According to a 2019 study, each forest elephant helps increase the rainforests’ carbon capture by 9,500 metric tons of CO2 per square kilometer. This is equal to driving 2,047 gas-guzzling cars for a year.

Forest elephants are providing essential ecological services in these forests, helping us fight climate change. The ultimate climate hero!

Find out more in our upcoming blog on climate change and the role of the forest elephant.

Happy World Elephant Day! Donate today and make a difference.

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